This is how 'normal' people think metalheads talk to each other

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Being a metalhead means you're part of a particular way of life that not everyone entirely understands. When you're on the outside looking in, it can seem quite bewildering, especially when the music you listen to is part of a whole different community. After all, us metalheads are our very own breed: we have a special way of talking to each other, behaving, and most importantly, making it known to other metalheads that we are of the same kind, such as, for example, pointing at a stranger's band T-shirt a little too enthusiastically or perhaps yelling 'SLAAAYYEEEERR'.

In a new TikTok video, a pair of metal lovers have riffed off this idea, and have come up with a little skit on how we sound to outsiders when speaking to each other. 

The original skit was created by the aplty named @mr.blegh (Kyle D. James Farrar) who is a heavy metal vocalist who has dubbed himself the "metalcore Brendan Fraser". At the beginning of the clip, a caption appears which reads "How a metal vocalist communicates if you weren't aware". Then, the metalhead starts casually freestyling in some sort of demonic metal-inspired language, which by itself, is quite amusing to witness. The video itself has even scored over 250K views and 22.K likes.

In response, another metalhead, known as Jesse Miller, has duetted the original video, making it look like the pair are part of a conversation, amassing a total of 18.1K likes and 93.7K views.

The comments on both videos are also similarly comical, with one user writing on the first clip: "My sleep paralysis demon and I having a nice conversation at 3am". While another says "My buddy was like 'he was just saying he had a delicious croissant for dinner'". 

Under the second TikTok, users further make jest at the absurdity of the nonsensical conversation between the metalheads. Our favourite comments include: "My last two brain cells before an exam", "Kyle brings up a good point about humanity crumbling after Harambe's passing, but Jesse's stance on socioeconomic climates really drives the point home", and the simple yet satisfying "a truly enlightening conversation".


Check out the videos below:


♬ original sound - Kyle D. James Farrar

♬ original sound - Kyle D. James Farrar
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