This gloriously un-hinged mashup of Rob Zombie's Dragula and Lady Gaga's Judas makes us want to bin all our responsibilities and go out and PARTY

Screenshots from Rob Zombie and Lady Gaga music videos
(Image credit: Rob Zombie, Lady Gaga)

Although it might not be a finished project yet, mash-up maestro DJ Cummerbund has more than delivered on his latest creation. As he previews his creative workings on Pro Tools in a new YouTube video, the virtuoso declares that his latest mix is just "something stupid I was playing with yesterday". But our friend is merely being humble, for what we have here is far from stupid. 

Judaula, one of Cummerbund's most gloriously un-hinged works, is comprised of Rob Zombie's 1998 spooky stomper Dragula and Lady Gaga's quasi-religious 2011 pop anthem Judas. Kicking off with Zombie's smoky vocals from Dragula's verse and Judas's jaunty rhythm, the song soon explodes into a blinding chorus, crowned by Gaga's dance-inducing, sparkling synth and the rip-roaring Zombie vocals about digging through ditches and burning through witches.

During the mix, which shows his selection of stitched-together, amusingly-titled soundbites ('Lady Gaga yelling I suppose'), Cummerbund also displays the music videos for each song, which during the chorus, show both artists hitting the road on devilish joyrides, which is a nice bit of synchronisation. 

We're just sorry there's not a full version, as it would reckon it'd be boot-kicked straight onto party playlists everywhere.

Over the last few years, Cummerbund has been making quite a name for himself as one of the internet's most versatile and entertaining mash-up artists. Some of his best creations consist of Play That Funky Music Rammstein (Rammstein/Wild Cherry), Earth, Wind & Ozzys (Ozzy Osbourne/Earth Wind & Fire) and The Next Sickness (Disturbed/Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg), among others.

Check out the Rob Zombie/Gaga mash-up below:

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