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There's water everywhere in the Willcox-Fripp kitchen as Toyah gets soaked

(Image credit: Toyah Willcox/YouTube)

That's the thing about plumbing misfortune: it always occurs at the most inconvenient moments. Like when you've got friends over for dinner. Or family to stay. Or when you're halfway through a cover of 1968 biker anthem Born To Be Wild during your weekly broadcast to the nation. 

Tragically, just such an incident befell Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox during their latest Sunday Lockdown Lunch performance. There they are, happily motoring through the Steppenwolf classic – Toyah on an exercise bike, King Crimson man Robert sporting a rather fetching mohawk, mystery guitarist Sidney Jake still mysterious – when wham! A pipe appears to burst above Toyah's head, showering her with with water and turning the singer's clothing an unfortunate shade of see-through. Oh no!

Bravely, the trio battle on against the elements, determined to finish the song even as the water continues to hose down. Let's hope they were able to staunch the flow and clear up any damage, as we'd hate to see any future performances curtailed by shoddy pipework.  

Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the episode, where you'll find some "bonus footage" surreptitiously added to the clip by the "Toyah web team." Goodness, this operation is bigger than we thought.

In other news, fans of the high-spirited couple will be delighted to learn that Sunday Lunch T-Shirts are now available to pre-order.