Testament's Christian quit over pay

Former Testament bassist Greg Christian says he quit the band earlier this year after getting tired of never being paid.

And he’s decided to speak out because he believes his former bandmates have a problem with talking to the media the way they spoke to him.

Christian co-founded the band in 1983 and left in 1996 before returning in 2004. But he suggests his second ten-year stint was his last. He says via Facebook: “It’s pretty cut and dry – I got sick of not getting paid, and they got sick of me being hostile about it.

“I’m not sure they even realised they’d pushed me into a position of being bitter and resentful, then blamed me for not being happy.

“All I’m doing is simple. Since they obviously lack the ability to speak to the press in the same manner I was spoken to regularly, I’ll do it for them.”

He says his last conversation with frontman Chuck Billy took place in January, and two points were made to him: “I was never part of anything,” and, “We all made the same on the road.” Christian says he’ll reserve comment for the moment, but that he’ll reveal the “casual comment that broke the camel’s back” next week.

His message for his ex-bandmates is: “Be how you’re going to be. Don’t be one way to me, then stutter and backpedal about it to others – especially if it’s because you know how not right the truth really looks.”

Testament replaced Christian with Steve DiGiorgio, whose 2004 departure had paved the way for the original bassist’s return.

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