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Tad back with Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, the band formed by Tad Doyle, bass player Peggy Doyle and drummer Dave French, have released a new recording. La Mano Poderosa comes from the band’s self-titled debut album, out this month on Neurot Recordings.

La Mano Ponerosa is the second new track from the band, following the release of Lava, which was premiered on Tad’s website last month.

“Originally the main riff was one of the first songs for BOTSC, conceived in 2007 and developed over a period of seven years until this release,” says Tad. “Lyrically the subject matter is of the notion that one has been here for thousands of years. This comes with the realisation that there are ‘old souls’ who may have been here many times and have witnessed glimpses of past lives through a series of déjà vus.

“Some who have lived as hunter gatherers working soil, some as soldiers on bloody battlefields joining their blades with others flesh, and those who have witnessed their lives as other living beings and animals. This return to ‘here’, being the last time.”

Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth is released on February 17, and can be pre-ordered from Neurot Recordings.