Stranger Things superfans are using a Metallica lyric to predict Eddie Munson's return in season 5

Stranger Things' Eddie Munson and Metallica's James Hetfield
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Yesterday (November 7), the team behind the sci-fi/horror hit Netflix series Stranger Things, revealed the title of the first episode of the fifth - and final - season. 

Alongside an image of the next season's script, they announced that the episode would be called The Crawl, and immediately, fans proposed theories as to what it could mean.

Some fans in particular have deduced that the title could signify the survival of the show's much-adored metalhead character Eddie Munson (played by actor Joseph Quinn), who appeared to reach his final end in the previous season, after being attacked by a swarm of flying monsters in the alternative dimension known as the Upside Down.

To reach their conclusion, fans are connecting the title with the tattoo on Eddie's arm, which showed a creature crawling without legs while being controlled via puppet strings by some kind of overruling master. The tattoo was of course the character's tribute to Metallica's Master Of Puppets, a song that he performed during his final moments in the aforementioned monster-inhabited world, and one that also contains the lyrics referencing the movement; 'Come crawling faster, obey your master, Master of puppets, I'm pulling your strings'.

Some possible ideas as to what this link could mean is that Eddie did not in fact die in the previous series, and that he'll be "crawling" out of the Upside Down to safety. Or perhaps even, that the character will now become a servant to the show's villain, Vecna. "Hmm. Vecna’s gonna be someone’s Master, but who?" writes one fan.

"THIS CANT BE A COINCIDENCE", writes another, while sharing the lyric of the Metallica song.

Check out some of the theories below:

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In other Metallica-related news, yesterday (October 7), it was announced that the thrash metal heavyweights would be playing two headline sets at 2023's Download Festival in Donington Park, UK.

Also headlining this year's event are Bring Me The Horizon, making their first ever Download headline appearance on the Friday night, and Slipknot, who will headline Sunday.

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