Weiland weighs up STP reunion in 2017

Scott Weiland believes he could be back in Stone Temple Pilots by 2017.

And he says tensions surrounding the band’s self-titled 2010 album were partly to blame for Robert and Dean DeLeo’s decision to dismiss him three years later.

STP branded him a “toxic” influence after his departure for the second time. They later brought in Chester Bennington as his replacement – but the Linkin Park frontman confirmed last week that he was no longer working with them.

Asked about his firing, Weiland tells 93.1 The Fox Rocks: “Part of it was the recording process. Don Was was there producing the album, and Robert and Dean wanted to produce the album with just the band.

“I didn’t think that was a good idea. I thought it was too many cooks in the kitchen. It was a difference of vision and it kind of started things off on the wrong foot. Then it spilt over into the touring.”

Asked what he’d say if STP called him and invited him to rejoin, Weiland replies: “I think it would be beneficial to wait a little while – give it a little bit of time to let some air between us all before that happens. Like a year or something like that.”

He adds: “I think it that it could be cool in the future.”

STP have reported they’ve been working with a number of vocalists, and they’ll keep their options open until “each of us feels and knows when the right person arrives.”

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