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Stereophonics casing Isle Of Wight for fans

Stereophinics frontman Kelly Jones says the band plan to “steal” as many fans as they can when they headline next year’s Isle Of Wight festival.

The Welsh rockers headline the event on Friday, June 10, and Jones says festivals have always helped the band swell the size of their fanbase. And they’ll do it again in 2016, starting with the followers of fellow headliners Queen.

He tells Absolute Radio (via Music News): “When you’re starting out, on your first and second record festivals are a brilliant place to steal other people’s fans and we stole quite a lot of people’s fans and it was great and then you move up the bill and then you do your own thing.

“And it works both ways - now when we’re playing gigs and we’re on the bill with people like George Ezra and Ellie Goulding on their first and second records and then we try to steal their fans as well because they’re 16 and 17. Basically we just keep stealing people really.”

“At the Isle of Wight Festival we’ll be stealing fans, we’re going to steal some Queen fans.”

Stereophonics released latest album Keep The Village Alive last month.