Steel Panther hail hair metal heroes Twisted SIster


Steel Panther guitarist Satchel says hair metal has outlived a lot of the “shitty” music that came after it in the 1990s.

The axeman adds that while people may have laughed at bands like Twisted Sister, they wrote “hooky” songs that still stand up today.

Satchel tells Songfacts: “Think about the stuff that people were listening to during the 90s when they considered hair metal goofy. There was so much shitty stuff on the radio during the 90s. It was virtually all shitty.

“There were a lot of bands in the 90s getting signed just on their look, just because grunge was in, just because they didn’t look ‘heavy metal’. Granted, there’s a lot of heavy metal that was sucky, as well. But there was also a lot of really, really hooky stuff.

“Take Twisted Sister, for instance. They at some point probably got laughed at because they looked the way they looked and when heavy metal went away, people probably went, ‘Oh, Twisted Sister, that’s so basic and it’s so ‘cave rock’.

“But think about it – Twisted Sister never stopped doing what they do. And their songs, the songs that made them famous, are still totally hooky. We’re Not Gonna Take It, that’s such a hook.

“It doesn’t matter whether you think it’s dumb or silly, or you think that Dee Snider looks clownish with his makeup on — they wrote a timeless song. It’s awesome. It’s a testament to their hookiness.”

Satchel also discusses his own band’s place in today’s metal scene and admits some people might be offended by Steel Panther’s lyrics. But he suggests those people might want to lighten up.

He says: I think that people shouldn’t analyse our lyrics too closely. I mean, there’s definitely going to be people that are offended by us. But I think that those people need to lighten up a little bit.”

Steel Panther will play four UK dates with Skindred next year.


Mar 06: Manchester O2 Apollo

Mar 09: Glasgow O2 Academy

Mar 12: Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Mar 14: London Wembley SSE Arena