Spock’s Beard pay tribute to Nimoy


Spock’s Beard have paid tribute to actor Leonard Nimoy, who inspired the band’s name.

The Star Trek icon – who played the Vulcan character in the original series from 1966 until 2013 movie Star Trek Into Darkness – died last week aged 83 after a battle with lung disease.

Drummer Jimmy Keegan says: “There was a kind of joke within the band, about having a band named after Spock in the Star Trek episode_ Mirror Mirror_, where the character has a beard and an entirely different persona.

“Other names were thrown around – but there was something endearing about ‘Spock’s Beard’ and so it was kept, and so it is.”

He adds: “The name brings weight. Spock was a special character, and with prog being a very intellectual music style, it was a good fit and still is.”

Keegan’s father, a physicist and engineer, also died of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The drummer says: “Spock was his favourite character. We got to meet Mr Nimoy at an event in my youth – he was a delight. He was an absolute artist.”

Referring to Spock’s catchphrase Keegan adds: “He lived long and definitely prospered. Thank you to Leonard Nimoy (and a nod to Gene Roddenberry for creating the character) for leading a long and prosperous life and inspiring millions.

“In some way your spirit will live on in our little band and with all the wonderful people who listen to our music.”

Spock’s Beard released 11th album Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep in 2013, and played the UK twice last year.