Spiritbox are releasing a real spirit box as part of their new merch range

spiritbox 2022
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Spiritbox have previewed a new item as part of their forthcoming merchandise range, and, clearly inspired by their name, it's an actual, working spirit box.

A spirit box is a piece of technology that is used by believers of the paranormal to detect the sound of otherworldly entities, otherwise known as electronic voice phenomena (EVP). By rapidly scanning through different audio/radio channels, the device can supposedly pick up on the voices of ghosts who are trying to make contact. 

The ghostly instrument is purchasable alongside the Canadian metallers' upcoming graphic novel, Eternal Blue, either on its own or as part of a bundle, and will be numbered as part of a limited run.

Spiritbox have previewed the box via social media, meanwhile announcing that the release of the graphic novel has been delayed until November 2022. The release was originally scheduled for June, but unfortunately, due to the industry's ongoing production issues, it's now been pushed back.

"Production delays unfortunately pushed the release of our graphic novel back to likely the fall" the band wrote. 

"In positive news though, we just got a glimpse of the actual Spiritbox and it's amazing."

Underneath the announcement are images of the box, which appears to be formed out of carved plastic, embellished with a woman adorned with a flower crown – possibly as a take on Spiritbox's Midsommar-inspired music video for Holy Roller – and a blue light that makes an ominous glow from inside.

Z2 Comics, the publishing company for Eternal Blue offer a synopsis of the novel: "Eva is a popular painter on the verge of unbelievable acclaim and success, but her inability to reconcile the public perception of who she is, versus her actual self, allows the Spiritbox to transport her to a surreal world, where she finds herself trapped in the realm where all our false shadows become real and dangerous."

Eternal Blue will be available in both hard and soft covers, and as part of a deluxe bundle that includes a version signed by frontwoman Courtney LaPlante. Other items include a slipcase, three-piece art print set and a bonus print, four enamel pins, a virtual meet-and-greet and the spirit box.

Check out the box below:

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