Soulfly capture different vibe on Archangel


Soulfly’s 10th album will have a “very exotic” feel, according to mainman Max Cavalera.

Archangel will be released on August 14 via Nuclear Blast – and Cavalera states it’s a departure from 2013’s Savages.

He tells Rock Revolt: “It’s a very biblical, very mystic, very exotic kind of album. This is a totally different vibe.

“There’s songs like Sodomites, about the destruction of Sodom, Shamash about the Akkadian god of the sun, Ishtar, which is the Babylonian queen and Titanomachy which is about the war of the titans.

“So there’s really more mystic, exotic sounds and songs and lyrics. So it’s really cool. It’s really artistic which I like about it.”

He previously said Archangel was “one of those records that comes out once in a lifetime” and called it “heavy as hell.”

Bassist Tony Campos quit Soulfly earlier this month to join Fear Factory. Soulfly have lined up a North American tour to support Archangel, which kicks off in LA on September 30.