SOAD 6 must be leap forward - or it won’t happen

Serj Tankian says System Of A Down will only consider making another album if they’re certain the material will be a progression from their past.

Speculation has increased that the band could be gearing up to work on the follow-up to 2005’s Mesmerize and Hypnotize records.

Last month Shavo Odadjian reported that some songs had been written and there was “a very good chance” of a studio return in the near future.

Now frontman Tankian tells Spin: “There is an openness to working together again – when we all have material that is mutually accepted.

“We don’t have a set timeline or anything else to report. One thing we do all agree upon is that it’s got to be a leap from what we’ve done before.”

SOAD’s five previous records were produced with the help of Rick Rubin. Tankian reflects: “Rick’s contribution was essential.

“His technique with us has always been to create the most comfortable situation for creativity in the studio. He digests the songs like an avid fan and subtly and gently makes only those suggestions necessary for making the songs better.

“He immediately hears the strength of a song and tries to use that in our favour.”

The band are currently on the road with their Wake Up The Souls tour, designed to draw attention to the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, in which more than 1.5 million people are thought to have been killed.

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