Slipknot outline Knotfest plans


Slipknot have announced details of their upcoming three-day Knotfest event.

It takes place in San Bernardino, California from October 24 and features 60 bands including Slipknot, Anthrax, Testament, Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch and Danzing.

And along with a range of Slipknot-themed sights and sounds, the band are planning on giving the event its very own scent – by burning camel dung in oil drums throughout the festival grounds.

The group’s percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan tells Rolling Stone: “We did the camel dung on the first Knotfest. It was awesome, it was beautiful. Fans came into the museum and they had to be hit with camel shit – a very distinct smell.

“It’s not necessarily the most comfortable thing, but it’s not necessarily the worst thing. It’s going to be a reoccurring thing.”

Other entertainment lined up includes flaming carnival games, performance artists, a tattoo parlour, a freestyle motocross show and a tented museum, which will feature the band’s previous masks and suits, along with artwork, equipment and memorabilia.

Knotfest has been lined up to coincide with the release of new Slipknot record .5: the Gray Chapter which launches on October 20. Last month, the band unveiled their new masks in the video for The Devil In I.