Pianist transforms Slipknot music into classical wedding entrance songs and melts our cold black hearts

Stephen Beerkens and Corey Taylor
(Image credit: TikTok, Venla Shalin/Redferns)

Planning your wedding - hypothetical or otherwise - and worried about scaring your dear old grandma when you walk down the aisle to the sound of Corey Taylor ferociously screaming? Well fear not metallers, thanks to Stephen Beerkens, we now have the perfect solution to make sure you have just the right amount of metal at your wedding without giving any of your more fragile family members a heart attack.

Beerkens, a super talented pianist with a platform on TikTok, reimagines music by rock and metal artists as classical wedding tunes, and our stone cold hearts are honestly melting. 

In two videos (broken into two parts) the musician transforms Slipknot's Before I Forget, Psychosocial, Snuff, Unsainted, Duality and more, by playing them solely on the keyboard and intertwining their melodies with traditional wedding music.

During his play-through, Beerkens captions each part of his rendition to help the listener imagine it used at a real wedding. "Guests are seated and expecting a traditional wedding entrance" he writes. "The bridal party begins to walk down the aisle...in Slipknot masks".

"Half of the audience is concerned while the other half totally gets it", he continues.  

The results are utterly delightful, and while there's sure to be some metal families out there whose relatives would be joyous at hearing heavy tunes during the more intimate and ceremonial parts of your wedding, unless you're super lucky, chances are, Beerkens' creations are your best bet to ensure it's a happy day for everyone. Besides, you can always let your hair loose and start a mosh pit at your reception.

Fans in the comments are similarly enthused by the mash-up, with one viewer writing: "Right who wants to marry me so we can do this", while someone else jokes: "no slipknot fan is ever getting married though💀". So rude.

Another listener says, "....this isn't allowed to be as beautiful as it is, what the shit 😭😭" and we totally agree.

In his other videos, Beerkens has plenty of more interpretations, with reimaginings of songs by Sleep Token, System Of A Down, Kiss, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden, among others.

Check it out below:


♬ original sound - Stephen Beerkens

♬ original sound - Stephen Beerkens
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