"Nothing lasts forever". Sleep Token wipe their social media accounts and fans are freaking out

Sleep Token Metal Hammer cover
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Sleep Token have deleted all of their posts on Instagram and fans are worrying over what this might mean for the band's future.

On top of wiping their social media, the anonymous London metal group have the words "nothing lasts forever" written in their bio.

Some fans are suggesting that this mysterious move could simply be the metallers preparing to embark on a new era, however considering that their newest album Take Me Back To Eden was only just released last year, this may prove unlikely. 

Others are concerned that the deletion was sparked by a recent leak of a band member's identity online, not only putting the band's anonymity at risk, but also their safety. 

Many fans have become understandably outraged at the invasion of privacy, which saw an individual share the birth certificate of one of the members, known as III, on the internet. The official document revealed their identity as well as their home address, causing the musician to delete all of their own social media accounts; an action which may have prompted the band to follow suit. 

One fan writes on X: "The fact that someone went and found III's birth certificate and posted it, forcing him to delete all social media, is absolutely disgusting. This person may have single-handedly ruined Sleep Token for everyone.

While another says: "I fucking hate Sleep Token’s fan base. I just learned about the birth certificate thing. What the fuck is wrong with y’all? I’d wholeheartedly sympathise with them if they wanted to pack it all in at this point, and what a blow it would be if they did. Congrats everyone."

A more optimistic fan summarises: "Basically sleep token deleted their instagram posts and changed their bio to "nothing lasts forever" and people are freaking out given the timing but also speculate it's probably just new era stuff because they wouldn't do the new masks and then just bounce with no warning".

For whatever reason, Sleep Token are not the first band to retreat from social media, with Bad Omens frontman Noah Sebastian recently deleting his own accounts due to the inappropriate behaviour of fans. 

“I was trying to use my socials, and I just had to constantly mute them,” he explains to Metal Hammer. “I got really tired of seeing my own face, or seeing a stranger’s opinion of me every day. I don’t think that’s healthy. I’ve seen these accounts that collect baby pictures of me they find on a distant relative’s Facebook and make an entire shrine out of them."

Read fan reactions to Sleep Token's mysterious social media wipe below:

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