Lombardo feels like Portnoy

Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo says he feels the same way about his departure as Mike Portnoy does about Dream Theater.

Both sticksmen have found themselves new challenges and say they’re enjoying a new lease of life without being too committed to one individual project.

Lombardo was fired last year after a contractual dispute and has just released his second album with Philm. Portnoy quit Dream Theater in 2011 and, despite a last-minute attempt to rejoin, he’s gone on to work with the Winery Dogs, Flying Colors, Transatlantic, Bigelf and others.

Asked if he feels a similar satisfaction to Portnoy, Lombardo tells Rocksverige: “Absolutely. You’re not part of this machine that has to go on tour 90 days or 100 days out of the year – to pay for other people’s mortgages.

“You’re doing it for yourself, and it’s creativity based on what you like. You express yourself in many different ways and it’s definitely more satisfying and challenging too. You’re not with the same guys and the same formula; you’re challenged by walking into a room with new artists and it’s like, ‘Okay, how am I gonna make this work?’

“It’s great – I agree with Mike. It’s a whole different light when you’re out of your element.”

But that doesn’t mean there’s more uncertainty, he says. “I always know what I’m getting into – I lay down the foundation: ‘Okay, this is what I´m going to do for you. I’m going to help create these songs for you.’ I know what they want from me and I know what I can give them.”

Philm’s Fire From The Evening Sun was released last week. Slayer are currently working on their 15th album with Paul Bostaph behind the kit, and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt in place of later co-founder Jeff Hanneman.

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