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Slayer banjo fan claims another classic

Slayer classic Angel Of Death gets the banjo treatment in the latest video from fan Rob Scallon, who previously released a cover of Raining Blood.

It’s the latest in his “Metal on instruments that aren’t metal” series, which also includes a Cannibal Corpse cover on ukulele and System Of A Down on cello.

He observes: “If I wasn’t going to play Slayer on my banjo, then what did I buy it for?”

Scallon says he makes his living out of his YouTube channel, telling Billboard: “The War Ensemble video was the one that really took off. It’s a lot of fun so I’ve been doing it since.”

Not only is one-time online news editor Martin an established rock journalist and drummer, but he’s also penned several books on music history. He’s appeared on TV and when not delving intro all things music, can be found travelling along the UK’s vast canal network.