Skid Row mull over way forward with Harnell


Skid Row are yet to decide whether they’ll complete their planned trilogy of EPs with new frontman Tony Harnell or record an album instead.

The band released United World Rebellion in 2013 and Rise Of The Damnation Army – United World Rebellion: Chapter Two the following year, with previous vocalist Johnny Solinger appearing on both. They always intended to issue a third EP in the series, saying they’d eventually go together as a theme album.

But since replacing Solinger with Harnell earlier this year, the band have been trying to work out the best way forward.

Mainman Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo tells The Aquarian Weekly: “We’re trying to figure out whether we’re gonna do a full-length or if we’re gonna do one more EP. The record company perspective is that they want a full-length and I understand that. I just don’t know if that is right for the band.

“We’ve written some stuff and we have a new member in the band, so that changed the dynamic completely. But when we’re done touring, we’re gonna have to sit down with each other and start figuring what exactly it is that we want to do. Once we do that, I think it will be a fairly speedy process, but we’ll see.”

For his part, Harnell said in May he was keen to get to work on an album.