Sharon Osbourne once pooped in Ozzy’s weed: “When he found out, he went nuts and chased us down the hallway!”

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne together in 2020
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Sharon Osbourne once pooped in a bag of her husband Ozzy’s cannabis, their youngest daughter Kelly has revealed.

Kelly, 39, discussed the incident during a new episode of the Osbournes podcast, which also features Sharon, Ozzy and her brother Jack.

“I found [Ozzy’s weed],” Kelly said, as transcribed by MetalSucks.

“I came to Mum, showed it to her, and then she’s like, ‘Kelly, do you need to go to the toilet?’ And I said, ‘No, I’m not doing this again for you, I’m too old now. I’m not going to shit in Dad’s drugs.’ [So] she shit in it, and it was in this tiny Ziploc bag… she shit in it, zipped it back up again, and put it back. When he found out, he went nuts and chased us down the hallway.”

Jack, 38, added that he remembered Ozzy going “so fucking nuts and nearly knocked a door off a hinge at this hotel we were in”.

Sharon revealed she’s used a similar faecal deterrent to stop the former Black Sabbath vocalist from drinking.

“He wouldn’t stop drinking one time,” the 71-year-old businesswoman and reality TV star said. “He was drinking brandy, and I just got the bottle and rubbed it around my ass. And then he took a swig, and then he went back again, and then he looked at me and he goes, ‘You didn’t.’ And I go, ‘I did.’”

Sharon, daughter of former Black Sabbath manager Don Arden, has managed the vocalist since 1979 and married him in 1982. She, Ozzy, Kelly and Jack starred in the MTV reality TV series The Osbournes from 2002 to 2005. Eldest daughter Aimee declined to participate.

The family commented on the adverse effects the Osbournes show had on their mental health during a recent podcast.

“Imagine having to relive every conversation you’ve ever had throughout a 24-hour period or six-month period, and then all of a sudden people are judging everything you’ve said,” said Kelly.

“You’re just like, ‘Wait I just thought I was having a normal conversation, now this person hates me.’ It’s crazy. It just made me so insecure.”

Ozzy, 74, added: “It’s so intrusive in your house. At the time, I said I wanted a safe room where I could go and pick my nose and squeeze a zit if I want to without being on camera, and they had a fucking camera in there. When you’ve got hidden cameras, you start to freak out.”

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