Scorpions Klaus says world is 'out of balance'


Scorpions singer Klaus Meine believes music can help people temporarily forget the world’s problems.

Meine says that while it is up to politicians to deal with social issues, he loves that music can offer an escape. Speaking to Rock Overdose about the Greek debt crisis, Meine says: “Music is only a soundtrack to our lives, and I think with our fans in Greece, when we come together, it’s all about emotions and it’s all about music and it’s all about ‘forget the real world for a moment.’

“That’s what music can do — to take us away on a different trip where we forget the mess we’re all in sometimes. Music is about bringing people together, and this is our part. For the rest, it’s up to politicians to deal with it, and hopefully they find good ways and bring people back together.

“It’s good sometimes to get away and take a deep dive in the world of emotions and the world of music, to get away from what’s out there and what is happening in the real world.”

Meine adds that when he wrote Scorpions 1991 classic Winds Of Change, he hoped it would be a rallying call to fans to fight for a peaceful future.

He says: “It seems like in many ways, the world is out of balance. And I hope we find a way together to getting out of this mess and try to move into a good, peaceful future on this planet.

“It’s all falling apart, and I certainly hope for a new wind of change where we can all look into a peaceful future, working together, coming together and enjoying life together and overcoming all those problems.”

Scorpions released Return To Forever in February, kicking off their 50th anniversary celebrations. The band recently welcomed drummer James Kottak back to the fold after last year’s Dubai airport drama and a successful stint in rehab.

They will headline the Ramblin’ Man Fair in Kent in July.