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Saxon’s Biff Byford and son Seb tease new project with the grunge groove of Red Brick City

Heavy Water
(Image credit: Silver Lining Music)

Heavy Water, a new project from Saxon vocalist Biff Byford and his son Seb, the frontman of Naked Six, will release the first single from their debut album on May 7.  A teaser for Red Brick City, which is also the album’s title track, can be heard below.

Silver Lining Music, who will release the Red Brick City album on July 23, describe it as “a cracking journey uniting vintage rock 'n' roll sensibilities with the crackle and excitement of a fresh, youthful perspective.” It features both Byfords on vocals, with Seb handling the guitar parts and Biff playing bass.

Biff recently compared the Heavy Water sound to the classic hard rock stylings found on Saxon’s Inspirations covers album.

 “There's some laid-back stuff and there's some heavy stuff,” he said. “I wouldn't say there's any prog rock on there, but there are definitely two or three metal tracks on there. Seb's a great songwriter, and he likes to play heavy guitar riffs, so I'm sure people will be interested.”

HW album

(Image credit: Silver Lining Music)