Saosin split with Shekoski


Guitarist Justin Shekoski says he’s been kicked out of Saosin and blames “questionable reasons” for the decision.

He’d been a member of the US outfit since their inception in 2003 and has spent the last year playing with The Used in place of Quinn Allmann, who officially left the band last week.

Shekoski reports: “I started working with The Used in January on a temporary basis and, in a nutshell, it has turned into something more serious. Their new guitar player, I am.

“I couldn’t be more excited or feel more fortunate to travel and write music with this group of guys. Over the past year of touring, fans of The Used have treated me with an incredible amount of respect and love.

“In light of this news, after years of writing and waiting to produce a new record, some of the members of Saosin have decided to end our 13 year relationship for questionable reasons. This was a shock to me.

“Even though all of this happened a few months ago, I’m still processing it. I’m sure I’ll discuss this in greater detail at a later time.”

Shekoski says the situation within Saosin had appeared to be “happy” as they worked towards a new album, and adds: “To be turned away right before we tracked the record that we had spent years writing and our entire career working towards is saddening at best and angering at worst.”

“If anyone’s heart or commitment to Saosin could have possibly been in question, it certainly wasn’t mine, ever. C’est la vie.”

Saosin have yet to comment on the situation.

The Used will perform their first two albums during their two-nights-two-shows tour next year. They’ll release Live & Acoustic At The Palace in April. Saosin recently announced a show at London’s O2 Academy Islington, featuring returned original vocalist Anthony Green.