Ratt's Blotzer: Pearcy is delusional

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer has described Stephen Pearcy as "delusional" – although he insists he still loves the departed frontman.

And he’s suggested there’s a chance the band might not continue without him.

Pearcy walked out for what he says was the final time last month, although he later added he’d like to complete one last album with the band.

But Blotzer appears to distance himself from the concept, telling That Metal Show (via Blabbermouth): “Everything he says is delusional and complete lies. I have two pages of notes here that I can refute anything he says. He’s so destructive.

“I’m not here just to go, ‘Stephen is a bastard, he’s a prick’ – which he is, basically. There is a nice Stephen that I love. We get along on the road. But Stephen doesn’t know how to play ball; he’s not a team player.”

The drummer claims it’s always been difficult to tie Pearcy down for meetings, saying: “He goes to the dents more than dentists go to their own offices.

“He’s tortured us; he’s kept us hostage for years. He’s cancelled shows, he’s cancelled tours. He won’t get on the airplane unless some money from the tour is fronted up front. He’s not paying for any of the bills, although he gets an even cut, penny for penny. He makes what I make. He has the same vote. He has more of a vote than I do a lot of times.”

Blotzer continues that Ratt were never told what their songs were about until they heard Pearcy’s completed vocal tracks, because he didn’t attend when the musical tracks were being recorded and refused to share the lyrics he was working on.

And he believes there’s a possibility that the outfit won’t perform under the Ratt banner in the future because guitarist Warren DeMartini, who co-owns it with Blotzer, doesn’t want to use it in Pearcy’s absence.

“Warren was like, ‘I don’t want to tour unless it’s all of us,’” the drummer says. “We don’t give Stephen the name because you can’t trust him. We don’t want to end up in court like we did in 2002 when we won the rights to the name.”

But a reunion isn’t out of the question – Blotzer says: “Do I want him back in the band? Yes, I do. I want the nice Stephen in the band.”

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