Rapper Lil Pump has released a "heavy metal" song and it is quite literally the worst thing we have ever heard

Lil Pump
(Image credit: Lil Pump)

Last week, T-Pain released a cover of Black Sabbath classic War Pigs, and it was... different. Now another rapper has crossed over into the world of heavy metal, but it gives us no pleasure to report that what they've come up with is seriously bad. So bad in fact, that it makes us want to have a little cry.

We hate to be negative nellies, but the artist in question, Florida's Lil Pump, has somehow absorbed every single cliché in the alternative scene and bundled them all together in a NSFW song that would make your mother very, very upset.

The song, Pump Rock x Heavy Metal, lifted from the rapper's new album Lil Pump 2, kicks off with a rumbling bass line that flies off into an angry punk rock riff. Meanwhile, Lil Pump yells stuff like 'Pump rock shit!', followed by other lines that are very inappropriate.

If we skate past all the profanities and dire language, we're left with plenty of lyrics that are very Heavy Metal™, such as 'Jump in the mosh-mosh-mosh-mosh-mosh' and 'This that heavy metal shit'. Is it, though, Lil Pump? Is it really?

For the majority of the song, a meaty riff trudges over a dark and menacing trap beat, as Lil Pump stammers out more strange declarations that we'd really rather not repeat. 

While we usually whole-heartedly embrace the union of hip-hop and metal, such as the time Ozzy Osbourne featured on a Post Malone song and vice versa, this really is a disappointing effort. 

Listen to it below and see for yourselves. 

Liz Scarlett

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