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Watch a bunch of kids in hazmat suits nail Rammstein’s Du Hast

Nothing says 'global pandemic dystopia’ like footage of a bunch of kids in hazmat suits banging oil drums with baseball bats while growling menacing German-language industrial metal songs. 

Thankfully, things haven’t quite reached that point (yet). The video is the latest brilliant cover from the students at Ohio’s ever-admirable O’Keefe Music Foundation, who have followed up their versions of Korn, Tool and Slipknot tracks with a pre-teen take on Rammstein’s Du Hast. Mein gott! Etc!

Apparently, an earlier bunch of students tried to record Du Hast back in 2013, only for the original singer to back out (vocalists - tsk!). Fast-forward to today, and nine-year-old pocket dynamo Taylor Jade Campbell has stepped up to the plate to deliver a stellar Till Lindemann impersonation.

 A hearty gut gespielt to everyone involved. To find out more about the O’Keefe Music Foundation, visit  their website