VIDEO: Rammstein are on break - but they'll never be over

Richard Kruspe speaking about the future of Rammstein
Richard Kruspe speaking about the future of Rammstein

Richard Kruspe has told TeamRock that even though Rammstein are on an extended break, the band will never split.

But they’re in no hurry to get back together – and it’s likely the next fans will get from them is a series of live DVD releases.

Guitarist Kruspe says: “I think Rammstein can never be over. Those things develop their own chemistry, their own energy. Even if we said it would be over, it would never be over. If you’re asking me if we’re doing something right now, the answer is: ‘We’re taking time off.’”

The members continue to meet at least once a year and consider whether it’s time to start work on a follow-up to 2009 album Live Ist Fur Alle Da. “We met a couple of months ago and we were just talking,” Kruspe says. “We decided not to do anything at the moment, so we’ll meet up next year again.

“But there’s so many things we have in the pipeline – we have a live DVD, another live DVD, another live DVD. We have so many that we have to work that through.”

In the meantime he’s is working with his band Emigrate, who release their second album in November, complete with a guest appearance from Motorhead mainman Lemmy. Kruspe believes his Rammstein colleagues will continue to focus on their own projects until the time is right to regroup.

“We will come back together,” he predicts. “I love touring with Rammstein, and if somebody has a vision for a record, we’ll do another record.”

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