Rage-fuelled Karens screaming along to metal riffs is comedy gold once again

Andre Antunes and Karen
(Image credit: Andre Antunes)

Although finding comedic value in someone's emotional outburst can feel somewhat cruel, sometimes, when their behaviour is a derived purely from the fact they are being an arsehole, there is some wiggle room when it comes to pointing the finger and having a giggle.

This excusable grey area is most often reserved for 'Karens' - middle-aged, usually white women with a baffling level of entitlement and unchallenged anger problems, who also seemingly have a weird amount of untapped potential when it comes to metal. 

Thanks to guitar mash-up maverick Andre Antunes, we've been well aware of this phenomenon for some time; he's meshed together the vocals of our favourite livid ladies against heavy metal riffs on numerous occasions. Now, Antunes has created the fifth entry in the series with Karen Metal 5.

Behold as Antunes expertly riffs along to one woman's wrathful rant, apparently sparked when a man did not offer her a seat on a busy bus. "SHOW ME WHICH ONE OF YOU IS GOING TO BE A GENTLEMAN!" she roars, before turning up the tempo and letting her temper loose. Our axe-slinging wizard Antunes, though, doesn't fall behind for a minute, and fires out riffs in a jaunty Karen-led mixture of time signatures. 

Later in the video, there's even a Big Boss Karen, who is, unsurprisingly, also extremely pissed off at something.

If you're a fan of what you see here, may we suggest you check out Antunes' other creations, such as his video of an overly-enthusiastic American pastor shouting along to riffs, or a Navy sergeant shouting along to riffs, and more. It's basically a lot of shouting and riffs.

Watch Karen Metal 5 below:

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