Queen tribute acts distress drummer Taylor


Queen drummer Roger Taylor says he gets distressed over "cheesy" tribute acts that miss the point about the original band's music.

That’s one of the reasons he helped create official tribute outfit The Queen Extravaganza in 2012.

Speaking ahead of their return to the UK in September, Taylor tells the Express: “There are so many of these bands. There are ABBA ones and Led Zeppelin ones, and I don’t know how many Pink Floyds there are now. I think one broke up due to musical differences!

“Of the Queen tributes, some of them are very funny – and some of them are really not funny at all. The terrible ones are cheesy and panto-like. More about dressing up in a Brian May wig and a Freddie Mercury moustache.

“What they’re missing is the fact that the music is quite complicated, and actually not easy to perform. When they’re not doing it very well it’s a bit distressing.”

Queen are currently touring the US with Adam Lambert fronting the band. Taylor recently insisted that late original lead singer Freddie Mercury would have approved of their choice.