PREMIERE: Wraiths – Devoured video


The occult-loving, pentagram-drawing, cross-burning metallers have made a hellish new video full of all the goodies Beelzebub keeps in his bedside cabinet – and we're premiering it now!

Wraiths are the latest addition to Ghost Music and have unleashed their latest incarnation of self-annointed ‘hell metal’ in the guise of Devoured. Speaking about the signing, guitarist Daniel Charlton said: “Wraiths are stoked to be working with Ghost Music, growing up in the metal scene Toyan [St Hilaire, founder] has done so much towards it. We have had this record written for a long time now and are stoked to finally have it out through a label we can trust and rely on and help us get to the next step.”

If you’re a fan of ballsy, metallic hardcore with a Satan-loving edge then get amongst this lot.