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Petition launched to stop Facebook charges

The frontman of US metalcore outfit Illuminate Me has launched a petition asking Facebook to stop charging bands a fee for promoting their music.

Chris Murray has started the campaign via as he says bands are being unfairly punished as they attempt to bolster their online presence.

He’s paid Facebook close to $3000 to promote his band – but reckons the social media giant’s “greed” is now unjustifiable.

He says: “Facebook has raised its rates on bands and small businesses promoting themselves through their website several times over the last few years – asking to pay even more money to simply reach the audience the band or small business has already acquired.

“It’s getting to a point where it’s blatant greed and is unjustifiable. Bands like us for example, especially the unsigned ones, pay Facebook a hefty amount of money for an ad just to get potential new fans to visit our page.

“On top of that, now we must pay a large fee to talk to the fans already subscribed to our page. So we’re paying double on a service that we heavily rely on.”

He continues: “It’s an exploitation of what bands need the most: communication with their fan base.”

And he cites Twitter and Instagram’s business models as being fairer to artists who are trying to maximise their audience.

Murray adds: “Neither sites charge you to reach all of your followers. I understand the platforms are built differently, but why can’t Facebook do the same as Twitter and Instagram?”

For more information, visit their page.

Scott Munro

News editor for Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog and Louder. He’s been at the news desk since 2014 and when not writing, he can be found watching baseball and visiting whisky distilleries.