People are so vicious bemoans Mustaine

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine has commented on the rather mixed reaction to last year’s Super Collider opus and the vitriol often directed his way by fans and critics alike.

The album was met with a considerably more lukewarm response than its immediate predecessors, though performed exceptionally well in the States, where it landed at Number 6 on the Billboard 200.

“People that like the record like the record,” he tells “The public made their statement. A lot of people that don’t particularly agree with my viewpoint, whether it’s spiritually or religiously or politically, they attack our music instead of saying, ‘I disagree with what Dave says.’

“We’ve gotten to the point where people are so vicious in the things that they say. Because they are not very educated and they don’t really understand The King’s English, they’ll say words that are much more heavier than what they really say. Perfect example is when you watch politicians speak; they pick their words very carefully. “And they don’t have to go overboard and say, like, ‘That guy’s a fucking asshole.’ They can say, ‘Well, we question his integrity,’ and stuff like that. Or, you know, ‘Experience shows that this is the wrong decision to make.’ And you can bitch-slap someone pretty good without having to get down and dirty with it.”

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Transcript courtesy of Blabbermouth