Obituary boosted by young fans


Obituary say they are amazed by the number of young fans turning out for their joint tour with Death To All.

Bass player Terry Butler says the presence of youngsters at their shows is a sign that the rock scene is in good health.

Butler tells Relapse Records: “What’s killer is that there’s 10-year-old kids walking up with their Leprosy shirts on, which is amazing to me. Whether their father turned them on to it or whatever, the young crowd is there.”

Guitarist Trevor Peres adds: “Yeah, there’s been a bunch of kids on this tour. You see them all in the front row.”

Death To All features members of metal icons Death, who lost frontman Chuck Schuldiner to cancer in 2001.

Obituary released their new album Inked In Blood in October.

The Death To All tour – which ends this month – also includes Massacre, Rivers Of Nihil and Untimely Demise.