Nonpoint feel like a band again


Nonpoint drummer Robb Rivera has revealed they feel like a band again following the success of latest album The Return.

It launched last year following the departure of guitarist Dave Lizzio who was replaced by BC Kochmit previously of Eye Empire and Switched.

And despite the shake up, Rivera insists the new-look lineup are riding a crest of a wave and says they’re now being rewarded after going through “dark times.”

He tells In The Now: “In this lineup right now, we’re on a high point. Single Breaking Skin is doing killer radio, great sales, attendance, selling merch – it feels like a band again.

“There’s some low point that I think every band goes through – and we’ve definitely had our share of dark times. But vocalist Elias Soriano and myself have made a pact that, it doesn’t matter when the dark comes, there’s always a light at the end.”

They’re lined up to play Australia’s Soundwave festival in Melbourne and Adelaide on February 21 and 22. They then undertake more shows across the country before heading to the US with 36 Crazyfists and Scare Don’t Fear.