NOFX Fat Mike makes amends


NOFX frontman Fat Mike made amends with a fan who he kicked in the face by inviting him onstage with the band.

Alex Medak invaded the stage at the punk band’s Sydney show last week and put his arm around the singer, only to be hit in the face and then kicked in the head while he was on the ground.

Before Alex’s stage invasion, Fat Mike had asked fans to stop throwing bottles at the stage as he was suffering from neck pain.

Graphic video footage of the incident ended up online and had NOFX fans up in arms over the frontman’s actions. However, he and Medak exchanged messages on Twitter which showed there was no hard feelings.

And Fat Mike – aka Mike Burkett – took his apology one step further by making the youngster guest of honour at their second show at the Enmore venue in Sydney. Alex was invited up onstage to sing Linoleum with NOFX and he was presented with a special t-shirt commemorating the now notorious video shot at the earlier show.

On Twitter, Fat Mike says: “Big thanks to everyone at the Sydney show last night. Super fun. My neck feels better, no bottles were thrown and Alex got a do-over.”

Alex adds: “Pretty embarrassed that I fucked up the lyrics to Linoleum last night, I was so fucking nervous getting on stage with NOFX.Thanks again guys.”