Nightwish stop by tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


Tonight on the Metal Hammer Radio Show we’re joined by Floor and Marco from Nightwish to talk about their collaboration with Richard Dawkins and working in a ‘symphonic metal summer camp’.

We also head to the great white north to ask what has Canada ever done for us, musically at least, we’ll be looking at the debut album from the bare-breasted behemoth that is Thor. Plus Strapping Young Lad, Annihilator, Voivod, Alexisonfire, Rush and Protest The Hero.

And we’ll be talking about the news that North Korea has unveiled an exclamation mark peppered list of 310 new political slogans covering every conceivable topic. Those published by the official KCNA news agency on Thursday included, “Let us turn ours into a country of mushrooms!” and “Grow vegetables extensively in greenhouses!” Which got us thinking…

The Hammer show needs a slogan or two, we quite like, ‘Meet us the barricades and we’ll fight until the dawn’, ‘Marvel at the crimson taint upon our chests’ or the slightly more chipper, ‘Would you like some Slayer with that?’ Got any?

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