Nightingale detail first album in 7 years

Nightingale have announced they’ll release their first album in seven years next month.

Retribution is the band’s seventh studio album and launches on November 10 via InsideOutMusic. It’s the follow-up to 2007’s White Darkness.

And the band have made the track Forevermore available to stream.

Mainman Dan Swano reckons it has been worth the wait and says listening to the finished tracks gave him a rush.

He says: “Forevermore is a track that showcases both the metal and the more bombastic AOR influences of Nightingale. It’s a good summary of what to expect from the album – and then some. The lyrics tell the story of Jim Jones and The People’s Temple seen from the perspective of a devoted follower of the cult.

“We started putting material together around 2008 but out of all those songs only two made it to the album. I felt that, unless it’s the best possible Nightingale album where every song could replace any track from our previous albums, there was no point in making a new album.

He adds: “I’m confident Nightingale fans will love Retribution since I made sure I felt the same rush inside me when I listened to the tracks that I did upon listening to the finished version of our most famous tracks from the past.”

Swano also suggests the band’s sound has changed since 2007 and they’ve gone for more power.

He tells Sideburns Movement: “The sound compared to White Darkness is very different. Sonically, it is less ambient and a bit more powerful. I’ve written all but one track on the album which gives it a bit more 80’s vibe compared to the more 70’s stylish writing of my brother.”

Retribution is available to pre-order through the InsideOutMusic website.

Retribution tracklist

  1. On Stolen Wings 2. Lucifer’s Lament 3. Chasing The Storm Away 4. Warriors Of The Dawn 5. Forevermore 6. Divided I Fall 7. The Voyage Of Endurance 8. 27 (Curse Or Coincidence?) 9. The Maze 10. Echoes Of A Dream