Nickelback's Chad Kroeger: "anybody that thinks that we take this band seriously is hilarious"

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For over two decades Nickelback have been the butt of many a joke within the rock and heavy metal community, but as it turns out, the band have been laughing with us the whole time. In a new interview with WRIF, frontman Chad Kroeger - himself certainly no stranger to a meme treatment or two - has revealed that anyone who thinks Nickelback take themselves seriously is way wide of the mark.

"When we recorded 'You look so much cuter with something in your mouth [2008 single Something In Your Mouth],' I mean these songs, you guys play these songs on the radio," he explains (as transcribed by Metal Injection.) "I think it is hilarious, and anybody that thinks that we take this band seriously is hilarious 'cause we're just four goofballs sitting there going, 'Can you imagine if they play this on the radio?' Then you guys play it on the radio.

"I think that there's been some misrepresentation of this band over the years," he continues. "We'll be in a photo session and we're doing this photo shoot and we're just goofing off, and you've got all these candid shots and we're laughing – you know, cry-laughing and just getting all these great shots – and then, right at the end, it's always the same thing. 'Alright guys, give me a little bit of attitude.' We all do that thing...And that's the picture [that ends up being used] every. Single. Time. It's like, 'Look at these douchebags taking themselves so seriously,' and it's just a terrible misrepresentation of the band."

Watch the interview for yourself below. Nickelback's new album, Get Rollin', is out November 18 via BMG.

Nickelback Get Rollin' tracklist:

1. San Quentin
2. Skinny Little Missy
3. Those Days
4. High Time
5. Vegas Bomb
6. Tidal Wave
7. Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing?
8. Steel Still Rusts
9. Horizon
10. Standing In The Dark
11. Just One More
12. High Time (Acoustic) *
13. Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing? (Acoustic) *
14. Just One More (Acoustic) *
15. Horizon (Acoustic) *

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