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New Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne biopic is in “active development”

Ozzy and Sharon
Ozzy and Sharon (Image credit: Gregg DeGuire - Getty)

A biopic focusing on Ozzy Osbourne and his wife and manager Sharon in now in “active development,” according to their son Jack.

He reported in May that plans for a film based around his father’s younger years was “in motion” and in a new story on Rolling Stone, further details have emerged about the project which is in its early stages.

Jack says: “I can’t say too much, but the film is an active development.”

Ozzy adds: “From what I understand, it’s about Sharon and I and our relationship. It’s how we met, fell in love, and how we married. She’s my other half. She grew up a lot with me, and I grew up a lot with her. We celebrated 38 years of marriage just recently.”

Sharon says she wants people to be able to relate to their story, even if they’re not a fan of the music, and adds: “It’s a story about a survivor. No matter what life throws at you, you pick yourself up and you start again. It’s just an amazing story of overcoming everything that’s thrown at you in your life.”

Revealing the news about the film on The Jasta Show earlier this year, Jack said it would cover his childhood years and added: “It’ll be more about my mum and dad making their way through the world. I would be in the background just being annoying.”

Ozzy released his latest studio Ordinary Man back in February, while the documentary Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne will premiere on the A&E Network on September 7 (Labor Day in the US) at 9pm ET.

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