Nergal says 'idiot' Christian missionary 'asked' to be killed by tribe


Behemoth frontman Nergal has taken to Facebook to share his thoughts on the death of John Chau, the Christian missionary who was murdered by the Sentinelese tribe on November 17. 

North Sentinel Island belongs to India, and the law of India prohibits any person travelling to the island to protect its indigenous people and the safety of others. John Chau visited the island with the hope of saving the tribe through the word of Jesus.

"Not that I’m happy when people die but hey... this idiot has asked for that, no?" posted Nergal on his official Facebook Page, in response to an article asking for the tribe to be brought to justice for the killing. 

"And now bunch of other idiots follow... Is stupidity naturally inbred in all monotheistic religions? I guess so... There’s a saying: “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”"

As reported in the Independent, John Chau was ferried to the North Sentinel Island by fishermen, and seven men have been arrested on suspicion of helping Chau reach the island. His body has not yet been recovered.

The tribespeople are known to have killed two Indian fisherman in 2006 after their boat drifted onto the shore.