Neil Young gave Bachman Heavy Blues hint


Randy Bachman credits Neil Young with giving him advice that led him to make solo album Heavy Blues.

Released under the band name Bachman, it features bassist Anna Ruddick and drummer Dale Anne Brendon, plus guest appearances by Joe Bonamassa, Peter Frampton and Young, among others.

Bachman tells Canoe: “Neil said, ‘Do yourself a favour – don’t do the same old Randy Bachman shit and say it’s new.’

“He said, ‘Get a new band, get a new producer, write some new songs. Get a different guitar so you play differently.

“‘Scare yourself. Be ferocious – but also be afraid.’”

Bachman describes the resulting experience as “an amazing project” and adds: “It started as this little idea, and just became this gigantic something. I don’t know what it is and it’s still going. It’s really inspiring.”

Heavy Blues is released on April 13. Bachman and band appear at the inaugural Ramblin’ Man Fair in Kent in July, sponsored by TeamRock.