Nazareth stream 'last album' with Dan McCafferty


Nazareth have made what's likely to be their final album with Dan McCafferty available for streaming.

Rock’n’Roll Telephone was recorded just before the singer was forced to retire after a health condition left him unable to perform live.

McCafferty threw in the towel last year following a series of setbacks – but not before he completed work on the Scots veteran’s 23rd studio project.

Last year the singer told Classic Rock: “To go into a studio and sing isn’t like doing a gig. I could make another record, but getting up to do an hour and three-quarters, and get people to pay money to come and see me – I can’t do that.”

Naz have hired Linton Osborne to take McCaffery’s place and the band have already completed a tour with the new frontman. Last month he revealed how his predecessor called him with a message of support just before he hit the stage for the first time.

Osborne said: “How much nicer can a man get? There’s no way he would have wanted to give this job up. Not a chance. But he obviously had to, and he did it with such class.”

Rock’n’Roll Telephone is released via Union Square Music on June 9. It’s available on CD, deluxe double-CD and double-vinyl. Purchase via Amazon or iTunes.

Nazareth: Rock’n’Roll Telephone