Napalm Death members exclusive

Members of Napalm Death are among the names involved in a menacing, genre-hopping new project.

Napalm Death members have a habit of journeying very far from the mothership when they go off and do their own thing – see Godflesh, Scorn and Cathedral. Menace, the brainchild of Napalm guitarist and backing screamer Mitch Harris and also featuring bassist and national treasure, Shane Embury is perhaps the greatest departure yet.

Released on March 14 via Season Of Mist, Menace’s debut album, Impact Velocity, isn’t exactly extreme, but its progressively-tinged melodic rock/post-grunge sets off on a philosophical journey that occasionally brings to mind Alice In Chains, and has a trace of Cynic’s untethered enquiries, but is mostly the sound of a man following his muse through deeply personal sonic and psychological terrains.

The band have just released a spectacular, animated video for the stomping track I Live With Your Ghost, and we have an exclusive preview right here. Follow its lovelorn robot as he journeys across the cosmos right here!

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