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Greenway calms Napalm fans’ fears

Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway says fans who fear they’ve taken too long over their 16th album have nothing to worry about.

They’ve been working on the follow-up to 2012’s Utilitarian for over a year – but he insists there’s a good reason for spending the time, and the results will be worth waiting for.

Greenway says: “People might be thinking this all sounds a bit extravagant for grindcore. The full story, though, is that we’ve been recording in segments to achieve varying types of sonic assault.

“There’s a belief in certain quarters that you can only do so much with our strain of music – we think otherwise. So as well as a few stylistic quirks on the album, it’s rawer, looser and always dense, nasty and invigorating. It’s certainly not more polished.”

He says the work will include some of the band’s “fastest and spazziest” material alongside some of their “most oppressive and adventurous.” Song titles include Copulating Snakes, Dear Slum Landlord, What Is Past Is Prologue and Stunt Your Growth.

The record is expected early next year, after producer Russ Russell has completed his duties. Napalm Death are currently touring in South America, followed by dates in Europe and Japan.