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Monster Truck stream The Enforcer

Monster Truck have premiered their latest music video with TeamRock.

The Enforcer is taken from the Canadian outfit’s upcoming album Sittin’ Heavy, due for release on February 19 next year via Mascot Label Group.

The track is a tribute to ice hockey’s hardmen, known as ‘enforcers.’

Guitarist Jeremy Widerman says: “We wanted to write a raucous and anthemic tribute to our favourite sport, hockey. A rock’n’roll salute to enforcers everywhere who live by the unspoken code that demands retribution for a fallen teammate.

“Something that could serve as the soundtrack to a highly anticipated game and as the victory song after a crowd raising fight or goal.”

On the album, frontman Jon Harvey adds: “Rock‘n’roll should be a celebration. We try to do that as much as we can. Everything in life should be a celebration.”

The band previously released a video for the track Don’t Tell Me How To Live.


  1. Why Are You Not Rocking?
  2. Don’t Tell Me How to Live
  3. She’s a Witch
  4. For the People
  5. Black Forest
  6. Another Man’s Shoes
  7. Things Get Better
  8. The Enforcer
  9. To The Flame
  10. New Soul
  11. Enjoy the Time
  12. Midnight (vinyl bonus track)