Misfits could be biggest band ever says Jerry Only

Jerry Only
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Jerry Only believes the reunited Misfits could become the “biggest band ever” if they continue the way they’ve begun.

And he’s convinced that he, Glenn Danzig and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein will record an album together no matter what else the future holds.

The trio settled their differences last year and they’ve played two festival sets with former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and guitarist Acey Slade.

Only tells AltPress: “It’s a unique experience. We’re 40 years into the game and we’re all at the peak of our game.

“The Misfits have the potential to be the biggest band ever. I think that the originality, the energy, the aggression and now the camaraderie is going to be what puts us far above what other people are able to achieve – just based on pure physical power, endurance and persistence.”

He’s hoping the band will tour all over the world, but even if they don’t he has another ambition in mind.

“I need an album if we continue, and an album if we don’t,” he states. “I’d like to hit the West Coast and East Coast, and then I’d like to attack Europe.”

Earlier this year Only revealed that he’d reconnected with frontman Danzig when they arranged a legal meeting to avoid further lawsuits between them.

He said: “We went in there wanting to cut each other’s throats. It was turning into another court battle – and it turned into a reunion. We walked out the door knowing we were going to play together. It’s a very cool thing.”

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