Portnoy's metal project to feature friends and guests


Mike Portnoy has promised that his secretive metal project will feature friends and special guests.

He’s believed to be working with Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick and Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson – but hasn’t confirmed the lineup and refuses to be drawn on it yet.

Portnoy tells Loudwire: “There’s this misconception that it’s my metal project, which it’s not. I’m working in equal collaboration with another bass player and another guitar player. It’s our project.”

He adds: “It’s a great metal album that the three of us have written and recorded together, and we’re going to have various friends and special guests joining us.”

He admits he’s excited about the material, explaining: “Since I left Dream Theater I’ve had prog bands, classic rock bands and alternative things – but I haven’t had a true thrash metal outlet, other than the Metal Allegiance shows.”

Portnoy is also continuing work with Richie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan on the Winery Dogs’ second album. He says: “We have well over an album’s worth of music written at this point. Richie is writing lyrics and melodies. Once he’s ready we’ll start the album for a late summer, early autumn release. Then the tour cycle will begin.”

He’ll be behind the kit for Twisted Sister’s 2015 shows following the death of AJ Pero last month.