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Michael Monroe: 80s hair metal bands gave real rockers a bad name

Michael Monroe
Michael Monroe (Image credit: Lorne Thomson/Redferns - Getty)

Michael Monroe has slammed some of the hair metal bands of the 80s, saying they gave real rockers a bad name.

The former Hanoi Rocks frontman was an influence for many of that decade’s glam bands, and asked by 2Fast2Die if that was something he welcomed, Monroe says: “Well, it’s always nice to be recognised!"

He adds: “I guess it bothers me that most of those bands missed the point. They were more into their hair and partying than they were the music. The music and the attitude were always more important to me. Anybody can party and pose and act like an idiot. 

“A lot of those bands sold millions of records, but they acted like morons and gave real rockers a bad name. It’s almost embarrassing that people might think I would be like that."

“I’ve never been with a groupie my whole life. I’ve just never been into that whole scene. I guess growing up in Finland gave me a different mentality. 

“I’ve just never been into that pretentious, phoney rock’n’roll. I think it’s a crime that phoney rock’n’roll sells millions of records and people think it’s real rock.”

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Monroe would headline the UK’s Call Of The Wild festival in May 2020, with the vocalist recently releasing his new studio album One Man Gang through Silver Lining Music. 

Monroe is joined in his band by former Hanoi Rocks and New York Dolls bassist Sami Yaffa, guitarists Rich Jones and Steve Conte, along with drummer Karl Rockfist.

Michael Monroe: One Man Gang
Michael Monroe is back with his new studio album One Man Gang. The record features the groove-filled lead singles Last Train To Tokyo and Junk Planet.View Deal

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