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Metallica reveal studio action

Metallica have released a teaser video that shows frontman James Hetfield recording guitar parts for the band’s long-awaited 10th album.

The follow-up to 2008’s Death Magnetic has been discussed for several years, but the thrash icons only recently confirmed that recording sessions were underway.

The clip is only available to fan club members – but membership is now free. It starts with a welcome from drummer Lars Ulrich, who then leads the camera from a back lot area into the band’s studio, where Hetfield, producer Greg Fidelman and others are working.

Ulrich says: “There’s a recording in progress so we’ll just say hello real quick. This is James… What are you doing?”

Hetfield replies: “Playing drums.”

He’s then asked to record something while the camera rolls, and when it takes a few seconds to get started, Ulrich says: “Are they recording, are they not recording? Welcome to the 21st century. Any hour now… Oh my God, they’re really recording. How cool is that?”

The band have just confirmed they’re to take part in the celebrations for Super Bowl 50, which takes place in San Francisco next year. They’ll perform at the Night Before event on February 5.

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