Metallica, Pantera and more on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


We went a screening of Brad Pitt’s Fury the other night. It was a hellacious two hour spectacle of tank battles, bloodletting and the moral ambiguity of war writ large. So, we thought we’d bring you a Hammer special inspired by war’s ever lengthening shadow...

Tune in tonight for LOADS of music from Metallica, Pantera, Tank, Saxon, Suicidal Tendencies, Megadeth and Exodus. Plus we’ll be jamming to the debut album from Devin Townsend Project.

And we talk about the news that monks at a remote monastery in northern Russia are launching the production of exquisite types of Italian cheese. One of their number, Monk Agapy, spent a week in Italy, where local masters taught him to make mozzarella, caciotta, morlacco, smoked ricotta and bianca.

This got us thinking… have you ever suddenly changed jobs or switched careers?

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